Peace Corps & Puebla


Caminos de Agua (then CATIS-Mexico) has been in talks with the Peace Corps in Puebla, Mexico since early 2013.  We have provided more than 70 filter systems to a small, community-based rainwater catchment cistern project in the region, done in partnership with the local Ecology department and the Peace Corps.  Caminos' Dylan Terrell went down to the community site in September 2014 to perform a short workshop series on filter use & maintenance and discuss potential micro-enterprise possibilities. 

The workshops and discussions went off great, with more than 40 women present and 20 new filter systems distributed.  The community showed a lot of interest in making their own filter systems, and Caminos will continue talks with the local community and outreach workers in the region regarding potential filter assembly and micro-enterprise development workshops in the near future.  

ProjectJenn Ungemach