Las Adjuntas de San Jose, Los Cuates, & Las Palomas - September 2015

In the summer of 2015, Caminos de Agua partnered with the San Cayetano Community Center, CODECIN, and the communities of Las Adjuntas, Los Cuates, and Las Palomas for a rainwater harvesting project in communities that had no reliable water access.  In total, 10 rainwater harvesting cisterns with integrated first-flush systems - built by the communities themselves - and 27 ceramic water filter systems were installed. This provides 120,000 liters of clean drinking water storage and an additional 2,000 liters of non-drinking water storage.  Additionally, the 27 water filtration systems can provide up to 648 liters of clean drinking water per day (nearly a USD $1,000 value when compared to buying 20-liter bottles of water). An estimated 40 families, 35 students, and 3 teachers – representing more than 200 people – directly benefit from these rainwater-harvesting systems.

ProjectJenn Ungemach