1. Three Key Points to Better Understand your Water Quality

Water quality in a particular location can change constantly, especially in urban areas.
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Most treatment systems DO NOT remove arsenic and fluoride.
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Arsenic and fluoride are only dangerous when consumed directly (drinking or cooking).
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2. How can I obtain safe and healthy water for drinking and cooking?

At Caminos de Agua, we promote three main solutions for obtaining safe and healthy water for cooking and drinking.

Some of these solutions are more sustainable than others in the longer term.

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3. Which contaminants does my water treatment system remove?

The table below gives an overview of which filtration systems and methods can remove which locally-occurring contaminants.

As mentioned in our recommendations above, it can be seen that the only treatment methods that can remove arsenic and fluoride are rainwater harvesting (followed by biological treatment) or a Reverse Osmosis treatment system. Bottled water can also be used as a last resort if these methods are not available to you (this is not shown in the table).

The “Arsenic/Fluoride Treatment System” shown below is currently in development by our research and technology development team at Caminos de Agua, and is not yet available.

Carbon/Sediment/UV treatment systems (otherwise known as "whole house" systems), water softeners, and other common and popular filtration systems found in this region will NOT remove arsenic, fluoride, or many other dissolved ions.

Berkey Fluoride Filters (not shown in the table), and other systems that use activated aluminium, have been found by our tests to be very inefficient at removing arsenic or fluoride in this region, despite being advertised as doing so. We believe that this is due to the high pH (above pH 7.0) of the water in this region.

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