International Volunteer Day

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December 5th has been designated as International Volunteer Day. Over the last year, the number of volunteers involved in our work has grown, and we would like to thank each of you for believing in our work and mission to make safe, healthy, and accessible water a reality for many.

In whatever capacity you help Caminos, we just want you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated and your work has not gone unnoticed.

Thanks again for all that you do.

Dylan Terrell

Executive Director


Dixie Ashley
Fundraising Committee member and Volunteer Coordinator

"I volunteer to be a part of the community, make a difference, use my skill set and offer my time as a thank you to San Miguel and it’s people."

Saul Whynman
Fundraising Committee Member

"It’s important to volunteer, to give back, because so much is done in San Miguel de Allende by volunteers."



Bruce Janklow
Board Member

"I have been fortunate in life so it is important to me to in turn give back. I have been able to develop some skills over the years and at this point in life, I want to use them to make a difference. It enriches my life to work with others who are likeminded in a community of giving." 

Nancy Grimwood
Water Testing and Monitoring Volunteer

"I like to live a purposeful life and volunteering at Caminos de Agua lets me contribute to our community in a meaningful way. The work is useful and the people here are wonderful and fun to be around. I’m very lucky to be involved in such a fine organization."

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Brian Voris
Water Ambassadors Coordinator

"l believe there is a social contract that people have a responsibility 
to help where they can make a difference."

Lyn Knox
Institutional Grant Researcher

"Why do I volunteer? I was in the Peace Corps in the 1980s. I thought this would get the bug for travel and service work out of my system so I could settle down and return to capitalism guilt free. Wrong! All jobs afterward were in the city government, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors and passion to travel increased. Volunteer work with Caminos de Agua, as a recent early retiree in San Miguel de Allende, is a way to use that experience in a targeted way and balance giving back to our Mexican hosts with a fulfilling personal life.

I did research and picked Caminos de Agua as an excellent organization, reflecting the best practices of what I learned in the service sector, before even moving to San Miguel."



Anel Vaca
Communications Special Project Volunteer

"I volunteer at Caminos de Agua because I am inspired by their story, their hardworking team, their rigorous research, and the shared value that every human being deserves access to safe and healthy water."

Chantal Kronenburg