New water education materials in the works


“It’s hard to explain water,” Caminos de Agua Executive Director Dylan Terrell is known to say.  “People think that most filters do everything and that’s not true.”

Chantal Kronenburg, a master’s student in Applied Communication Science, with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Development Studies from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, joins the Caminos de Agua team for a four-month internship to help us tackle the challenges of creating better educational campaigns and help us create “water literacy throughout the local populations as our Communications Fellow through this coming fall.”

“We want everyone to understand more about water…from how the water cycle works to what a watershed is to different water contamination issues. Often the scientists use one language that lay people just don't understand easily. It’s my job to help create materials that take complex ideas and make them much easier to comprehend,” shares Ms. Kronenburg, Communications Fellow.

Here in San Miguel de Allende, Caminos de Agua plans to have new materials about rainwater harvesting and water contamination in the region by the end of the year.

Be on the lookout for our new water educational materials which will be available on our website. Want instant access to the info? Follow our Facebookpage.  Or visit our website where you’ll also see new website improvements thanks to Chantal.  Visit us in English or Spanish!

Welcome to the team, Chantal!

Jenn Ungemach