Caminos de Agua wishes you a happy thanksgiving!



While the roots of Thanksgiving Day may be in the United States, the act of giving thanks is global. Today, we take a moment to share some of the reasons we have to be thankful as Caminos de Agua.



Dylan Terrell
Executive Director

“I am grateful to all of the local communities who worked with us this year to help build 70 rainwater harvesting systems. They invested well over 14,000 hours in volunteer labor to make this possible… just an incredible amount of work. These systems are now serving 155 families and eight schools in 24 different rural communities - all of which are severely impacted by both water quality and scarcity issues.”


Jennifer Ungemach
Development Director and Education Coordinator

"Huge thank you to so many new people who have supported our team - especially Bruce Janklow with communications, volunteers, interns, and new board members Ercilia Sahores and Ilan Adler."


Saúl Juárez
Director of Community Projects

"I am very grateful for having shared time, work, knowledge, and experiences with many young people from Mexico and other countries through the different education courses and workshops we offer. I hope that these experiences will help them in their personal and professional growth."


Casilda Barajas
Healthy Water Promoter

"I am thankful to be part of this team because of its shared unconditional commitment to water and our work. I give thanks to be able to work as we do: freely, openly and equally while always reviewing together how to improve day after day to create revolutionary change."


Aaron Krupp
Research and Technology Development Coordinator

"I am thankful to have the opportunity to work side by side with excellent people on projects and processes that I believe in."


Billy Thurston
Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator

"I’m thankful that, because we’re a small team, I’m able to chat with my colleagues in person, whenever I need to. Something I love about Caminos is the freedom we have to initiate and manage our own projects - we're each given the opportunity to creatively shape the future of our work, and so the future of the watershed."


Chantal Kronenburg
Communication Coordinator

"I am very grateful that Caminos de Agua asked me to join their team as a permanent staff member after my internship and thesis and that I am now able to work full-time with this passionate team!"


Fernanda Arce
Civil Engineer - ceramic water filter production

"I’m thankful for having the opportunity to help people to have access to water - something that we all must have; safe and healthy water!!"


Simona Dossi
Engineer Without Border UK fellowship
Chemical Engineer - arsenic and fluoride adsorption
"I am thankful to have learned so much about safe and healthy drinking water, low cost purification technologies, and San Miguel's water problem during my time volunteering for Caminos de Agua; as well as to have contributed to solving and improving water problems in our community."


Sarah Hartman
Environmental Engineer -  arsenic and fluoride adsorption

"I am thankful to be part of a team that is passionately working to make safe drinking water accessible to inhabitants of the state of Guanajuato."


Melissa Landman
Mechanical Engineer - filter and rainwater harvesting system design

"I am thankful for being part of such a passionate team of people that work to make the world a better place."


Elena Diek
Draftswoman and Civil Enginer Volunteer

"I am thankful that I got to know Caminos de Agua very well and get involved in their work. I’ve been never challenged in that way, such as working independently driven by inner motivation. This experience has a big impact on my personal, as well as professional life. I am very thankful for that!"


Jenn Ungemach