Celebrate with us: year in review ~ 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, Caminos de Agua is proud to share our Year in Review Report. Take a moment to celebrate with us our impact on safe, healthy and sustainable water solutions.

Dear Friend of Caminos de Agua,

Thanks to people like you, 2016 was our most impactful year to date, and I am happy to share with you our Year in Review Report that highlights some of our major accomplishments.

In preparing this report, I struggled to decide what to highlight and whom to thank.  The lists kept growing and growing, and I was struck by a comment made recently by one of our board members – Rob Lerner – who asked:
“How in the world do we get this much work done on such a small budget?!”
Indeed, this truly was a watershed year for the organization.  With our new name and narrowed focus, our work had a greater impact on safe, healthy, and sustainable water supplies, and I am more proud than ever of our accomplishments. 

In the report you will read about:

  • Groundbreaking developments in our water treatment program,
  • Expanding our ceramic water filters to more than 600 new families,
  • Reaching tens of thousands of new people with our water monitoring & mapping program,
  • Creating tangible impact on water quality and access for through the community-led installation of 43 new rainwater harvesting systems,
  • And so much more.

But to answer Rob’s original question on the how –  the answer, quite clearly, is collaboration and passion. 

We hired talented new staff as well as brought on five sensational volunteers and interns from around the globe who, despite being unpaid, literally work around the clock. We collaborate with renowned and impassioned researchers who work with us on the ground– offering up their expertise and vast experience for little more than a bed to sleep on.  We work with dedicated community organizers in 35 rural communities this year – whose residents provided well over 10,000 hours of volunteer labor!

But with everything we have accomplished this year, there is still so much more to do!

We count on your support to continue and expand our programs. Your individual donations make up roughly 25% of our annual operating budget—positively impacting real lives through critical water solutions. Take a moment to read about our accomplishments in 2016, and include us in your year-end giving.  

On behalf of the entire Caminos de Agua team, thank you for standing by us in 2016, and join us in 2017.

Saludos from San Miguel,

Dylan Terrell
Caminos de Agua, Executive Director

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