Work Opportunities

At Caminos de Agua, we regularly need new team members in paid and unpaid positions. Our diverse staff and volunteers come from Mexico and around the world and share one central characteristic – we all live where we work. We believe that is a central component of creating lasting change and consistency. If you are interested in taking the leap to a new city (and maybe to a new country, culture, and language), please review the opportunities below.

Your Talent and Time Can Make a Difference!

Job Openings

Currently we do not have any job openings.

Volunteer Jobs

We rely heavily on long-term volunteers and interns who not only help move our work forward, but often contribute to the direction of the organization. We regularly host graduate-level interns from universities and research institutions around the globe as well as long-term Fellows and volunteers from Engineers Without Borders UK and elsewhere.

We have a number of volunteer opportunities open and are open to pursuing academic or other volunteer experiences. In general, we require that all volunteers make a six-month commitment and speak Spanish.

Water Quality Testing Client Services
Caminos de Agua offers a range of water testing services to local communities, other organizations, and private clients. Interested parties typically contact the organization through a dedicated lab email account. This position is responsible for managing emails arriving in that account. For more information and to apply, click here.

Do you speak another language besides English and Spanish and think some of our materials would be valuable in other languages? Reach out to us and let us know! Our audiences are diverse and we strive to communicate to all equally. Thus, we always have a need for both English to Spanish and Spanish to English translators. This volunteer position is more flexible as you can work virtually from anywhere and on your own schedule. Your language support helps us free up staff time and contributes to creating educational materials about our watershed and its water quality, rainwater harvesting, ceramic water filters, and so much more. If you are interested in this volunteer position, send us a message on our contact form, selecting ‘Collaboration Opportunities’ as the theme.