Water Quality Monitoring

Since 2012,  Caminos de Agua - in collaboration with groups such as Northern Illinois University, CODECIN (Coalition in Defense of the Independence Watershed), University of Guanajuato, and Texas A&M University - has performed water quality analyses of rural community drinking wells and urban locals throughout the Independence Watershed Region.

The searchable maps below highlight the fluoride and arsenic levels throughout the region.  Both Mexican and World Health Organization (WHO) maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) for fluoride are 1.5 mg/L.  The Mexican MAC for arsenic is 25 µg/L (or 0.025 mg/L), and the WHO limit for arsenic is 10 µg/L.  

Several of the data points in San Miguel de Allende were provided by the municipal water authority (SAPASMA).  Caminos de Agua cannot guarantee their accuracy. Further, the locations of the SAPASMA sites are estimated as exact coordinates of the wells were not provided.  


Water Risk in the Independence Watershed

If you live in San Miguel de Allende and would like to volunteer to have your water tested to help us expand our map, email us at info@caminosdeagua.org for more information. Please note that due to our limited resources, we can only take one volunteer per colonia.

Private Testing Services

Caminos de Agua offers private testing services to help support our work in rural communities.  Currently, we are offering regional inorganic analysis for MXN $750 pesos.  The testing set includes arsenic, fluoride, pH, and Total Dissolved Solids.   Nitrates may be included for an additional fee by special request only (i.e. surface water in high-intensive agricultural areas).   We currently do not offer biological testing (bacteria, pathogens, etc.) due to time, collection, and processing restraints.   We will consider biological testing under special circumstances (i.e. a large scale study, an outbreak, etc.), but in general we do not have the capacity to offer those services on an individual basis. 

If you would like to have your water tested, please follow the directions below:

Collect your Sample

  1.  Fill out and submit the form below.
  2. Get an empty PLASTIC container with at least 500mL capacity. A normal plastic water bottle (Ciel or any brand) will do great. The container does not need to be new, but it does need to be plastic (glass or metal containers will not be accepted).
  3. Turn on the spigot and let it run for 2-5 minutes if you can.
  4. Now you need to rinse the bottle with your sample water.  Fill and empty the bottle with the
  5. sample water 3 times (shake a bit as well).
  6. Now fill up and cap the bottle with your sample water.
  7. Please write your name on the sample bottle with permanent ink.

Caminos de Agua Lab

Federico Montes de Oca #2-C, Colonia Independencia
Tel: 154-1102
Email: lab@caminosdeagua.org


Drop off your sample 

  1.  Fill out and submit the form below.  
  2.  Contact the Camions de Agua Lab (right) to schedule a time to drop off your sample. Please call or email the lab first.  Our tech team is often in the field and not at the lab.
  3. Pay in full when dropping off your sample (MXN $750 pesos for the standard testing set unless otherwise arranged with the lab).  Unpaid samples will not be processed.
  4. You will recieve a report by email within 2 weeks of providing the sample.


Sampling Form

Name *
Date Sample Was Taken *
Date Sample Was Taken
May we will publish your water quality results on our online maps? Your personal information (name, address, etc) will be protected and will NOT be published in any way. This allows your neighbors access to this information and to better understand their own water quality. *