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Caminos de Agua
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Caminos de Agua
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San Miguel de Allende, Gto, México
C.P. 37712

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Would you like to donate in kind? Donate an item from our wish list today! We are thankful for any kind of support. 
Items on our wish list are ones that we need but cannot afford to purchase at the moment. These items will help us to continue our work. Have a look at our wish list below and find out more information about the different items by clicking on the 'show more' links. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the possibility of a donation in kind, please contact our Associate Director at


Lab Equipment

  • Potentiostat for anodic stripping voltammetry Show More

This machine will help us to do accurate arsenic tests in-house.

A ceramic pug mill will improve our current ceramic filter production by making it possible to evenly mix sawdust, clay, and water in an accurate and efficient way. With this improvement of our ceramic filter production we will be able to make our ceramic filter into a commercial vible product that is accessbile to everybody.

K-type thermocouple dataloggers will make it possible to very accuratly measure tempature. We use these dataloggers for different purposes, both in our ceramic filter production and on-going research.

A temperature-controlled oven will be used to dry different media that we use in our on-going research. If the oven can be go up to a high enough temperature we also could use it to make biochar for our research.

A jaw crusher will help us to crush different materials we use in our research. Firstly, it will be used to crush bone char to pack into a filter. Additionally, it will be used to crush bones for preparation to make media to remove fluoride. Finally, to crush fired clay to mix back into the ceramic filters.


Office Equipment

Since our tech team is increasing as do our experiments and pilots, we are looking for a space that we can setup into a lab. For more details about what the space should look like, please contact us.

We are currently increasing our team and therefore also our office spaces in our current offices. To make working in our own offices more comfortable for our staff members we are looking for some new office chairs.

To organize all our educational materials, promotional materials, and organizational documents we are searching for filing cabinets.

  • Large computer monitor / flatscreen tv Show More

Our communication team is constantly developing educational and promotional materials. To make this process easier and more efficient it would help the communication team to have a large computer monitor to develop and review these kind of materials.

Whiteboards are a great tool to get everybody's creative ideas. So, whiteboards will be helpful for all our team members. The size doesn't matter. We are happy with any kind of whiteboard you can offer us!

Our team is growing! And so grew the need for a bigger space. The short-term solution to create more space is to create storage space in our current backyard to free up space indoors. To make this happen we would like to build a garden shed to make sure stuff stored outside will stay dry during rainy season.

Field Equipment

We are looking for a vehicle to be able to continue our work in rural communities. Most of our work is far into our watershed, since that is the place where people are most affected by the water problems. Reliable transportation is critical to our work. If you have a vehicle for donation or would like to help us acquire a vehicle appropriate for rural terrain (preferably a used pick-up with Mexico documentation), contact us.

Important part of our work is to document our work. To do this, we would like to have a digital photo camera that our staff members can take with them into the field during projects.

Besides documenting our work with photos, we also would like to have a video camera (including microphone) to be able to document our work using video.

Tablets will have multiple functions in our work. Ideally we would like to have three. These tablets will be used in our evaluating and monitoring program to be able to conduct interviews with former project participants; in our water testing service to make it easy for clients to fill in their form at our lab; and at our production site to monitor our production.


Production Equipment




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