Warka water designs and Caminos de Agua

This year began with good news: staff member Casilda Barajas was awarded a grant by the Popular Cultures of Guanajuato Program (PACMYC 2017) to pilot the construction of a tower woven with local natural fibers that can function as a method of capturing air water, specifically dew.


She proposed to develop the project with her group "Arqui-textures, from Basket to Architecture" in collaboration with Caminos de Agua and the designer and ceramist, director of Azul Cobalto, Oscar Vazquez Alanis. During the month of February they held three sessions to discuss the project and take the first steps. A station was designed, constructed and installed on the site to measure the viability of the water tower at a height of 3 meters. Different meshes were mounted as capturing surfaces. We hope to obtain results of the monitoring that is being done. Based on the design of "Warka Water" the aim of this work is to provide the community with a creative and sculptural alternative that will inspire to harvest every last drop of clean water for drinking. We will keep on reporting. Stay connected.

Jenn Ungemach