our Team

Our team is made up of a full and part time staff of 14, plus graduate-level interns, and senior directors and advisors. We’re a mix of Mexicans and international residents, technologists and community organizers, researchers and educators — united by our dedication to public health and welfare.

In the field


Martijn Eikelboom

Climbing Expert, Full Moon Party Enthusiast, and also does some kind of arsenic quantification thing or something maybe… no-one really knows…

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Martijn is an amazing man. We didn’t want to include him on the website but he made us.


Dylan Terrell

Executive Director


Dylan Terrell is a founding member of Caminos de Agua, coordinating water programming, technology development, and community projects since 2011. As the executive director of Caminos de Agua, Dylan is dedicated to creating low-tech, replicable solutions to locally acute - yet globally distributed - water quality problems.

Paco Guajardo

Associate Director


Paco Guajardo is our Associate Director. He joins us after working with an organization focused on helping and representing Central American refugees seeking asylum in Mexico. As Associate Director with Caminos de Agua, he is responsible for organizational management, operations, fundraising, communications, and marketing.

Saúl Juárez

Community Projects Coordinator


Saúl Juárez is a passionate water advocate. Saul coordinates our community projects and teaches communities about water and health.


Casilda Barajas

Ceramic Water Filters Coordinator


At Caminos de Agua, Casilda Barajas is in charge of our ceramic water filter promotion and sales. Additionally Casilda designs community outreach strategies for Caminos de Agua.

Aaron Krupp

Research and Technology Development Coordinator


Aaron Krupp coordinates our Research and Technology Development team. His mechanical engineering background paves the way for the  development of water treatment systems or arsenic and fluoride mitigation and new ceramic water filter designs. Aaron advocates for increased research into diverse "technologies designed for function and accessibility [that] can help break the cycle of poverty."

Billy Thurston

Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator


Billy Thurston, a civil engineer originally from London, UK, coordinates our water quality monitoring and testing for private clients, academic and community programs. He works closely with universities and institutions in Mexico and the USA to monitor the water quality of rural and urban wells throughout the Independence Watershed region.


Chantal Kronenburg

Communication Coordinator


Chantal Kronenburg is an applied communications specialist from the Netherlands. She implements Caminos de Agua’s communication strategy so that it accurately and consistently articulates our mission and work. Her work includes the development of materials for new updates, educations, and fundraising.

Nico Vargas 

Water Filter Production


Nico Vargas is the lead on ceramic water filter production, assuring that all filters and constructed systems meet Caminos de Agua’s high quality standards.


Filiberto Baltazar

Water Filter Production


Filiberto Baltazar is responsible for molding our  ceramic filters. Filiberto's background in adobe making has translated well into the precise work that is hand-molded ceramic filter manufacturing.


Ismael Rodriguez

Water Filter Production


Ismael Rodriguez produces biochar for our research team and supports Nico in filter production and assembly.

Jeff Rottler



Jeff Rottler is an original founder of both Instituto Tierra y Cal, A.C. (a San Miguel-based nonprofit focusing on earthen construction) and CATIS Mexico -- which became Caminos de Agua. Jeff is a sociologist and a builder who focuses on sustainable rural community development in Latin America. Currently, Jeff coordinates ceramic water filter production for Caminos de Agua.

Alvaro gutierrez

Technical Fellow


Alvaro Gutierrez is a volunteer who started working with Caminos de Agua in June 2018. He recently graduated in Environmental Engineering at the University of Guanajuato. He is currently coordinating prototype development for the Research and Technology Development team.


stephan calvet

Technical Fellow


Stephan Calvet is a chemical engineering masters student from the University of Edinburgh. He is a volunteer working on the Research and Technology Development team where he is working on optimising the bone char filter material for fluoride adsorption.

Miguel Johansson Finguerut

Technical Fellow


Miguel Finguerut is an Engineers Without Borders Fellow working on Caminos de Agua’s ground water treatment systems. He has an MEng in chemical engineering from the University of Edinburgh and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.  

Matthieu Carrière

Technical Fellow


Matthieu Carrière is a recent Water and Sanitation engineering graduate from Cranfield University in the UK. He joined the Research and Technology Development Team in October 2018, where he implements filter prototypes for groundwater treatment, and participate in the Monitoring and Evaluation program.


Board of Directors

Dr. Ilan Adler

Dr. Adler is a teaching fellow at University College of London, one of Caminos de Agua's main University partners, in the Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, and he is also the founder of IRRI-Mexico. Dr. Adler has worked in the Independence Watershed region for years; he was involved with an early water quality study of the region in 2005-2006 and ultimately installed numerous rainwater harvesting systems in rural community elementary schools to combat the high arsenic and fluoride contamination they were encountering. He received his Ph.D. in 2014; his thesis entitled: Application of filtration and silver-ion based disinfection to purify rainwater for potable uses in rural communities of Mexico. These rainwater systems are now maintained by Caminos de Agua. 

Muriel Bevilacqua Logan

After a career in international development, Muriel moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2002. Since then, she has been engaged in water issues in the region, volunteering her time with Save the Laja River, OCAS, and Caminos de Agua. Muriel recently built a rainwater catchment system at her home in the San Antonio neighborhood of San Miguel to serve as a demonstration project to help local residents see how to deal with new disturbing levels of fluoride, arsenic and other elements in the domestic water.

Bruce Janklow

Bruce Janklow had a forty-two year career in advertising, marketing and strategic planning. He was the Senior partner and/or CEO of three different organizations and in his last role served as an executive consultant and change agent for small and large clients including Dow 100 companies. Bruce has also been a board member of several 501c3 foundations including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NY and the Audubon Society of Mexico. He was a founder and President of a foundation to assist the parents of teens at risk and was a senior advisor for Catskill Mountainkeeper (a regional environmental action group) and helped lead a successful campaign to achieve a ban on gas fracking in NY State. Bruce has been living in San Miguel since 2007and also spends part of the year in the Catskill Mountain region of NY State where he is a member of the board of advisors for the Catskill Art Society. Bruce is also a fine arts photographer and has had both one man and group shows in the U.S. and Mexico.

Robert Lerner

Robert Lerner is a biologist, technologist and serial entrepreneur. A veteran of start-ups in renewable energy, outdoor gear, and technology development, his business experience spans start-ups, fundraising, product development (multiple patents), sales and marketing, and full-charge financial responsibility. Rob advises on biochar and bioenergy in Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico, where he has resided since 1996.

Agustin Madrigal

Agustin Madrigal, has been the Director of Salvemos el Rio Laja for 11 years and coordinates conservation, soil restoration, and water projects in local rural communities as part of the National Program in Watersheds and Cities,  funded by the Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, A.C.

Ercilia Sahores

Ercilia Sahores is a political scientist, beekeeper, and community organizer from Argentina. Ercilia has worked as Executive Director for several grassroots organizations in Latin America. She is currently the Latin American Political Director for Regeneration International and Political Director for Organic Consumers Association Mexico.

Joshua Samson

Joshua currently is Director of Financial Reporting at Guggenheim Partners, a financial services institution.   Prior to joining Guggenheim Partners, Joshua worked at Protiviti, an audit and consulting firm, performing IT security and compliance audits around the world.

George Terrell

George Terrell has been a community organizer and social justice activist for 45 years. A lawyer by training, his current practice is limited to the pro bono representation of several non-profits. He is one of the founders of Caminos de Agua and has worked in Mexico since 2006, first with indigenous communities in Chiapas in capacity building programs teaching earthblock construction and later in Guanajuato with Caminos. Since the early 1980’s he has helped lead Project Neighbors (Neighbors Corp.) a grass roots community organization in Valparaiso, Indiana. Using local volunteers to help improve the lives of marginalized people, Project Neighbors has built a childcare center and a community center serving a diverse population, a health care center now serving the uninsured and under-insured in five counties, and has built over 70 homes and two women’s shelters and operates a community radio station - WVLP. George also serves on the Board of the Asset Based Community Development Institute. In his earlier years, he worked as a union organizer and in union democracy campaigns in the Steelworkers Union.


Advisory Teams

Fundraising Committee

  • Bruce Janklow, Board of Director Representative

  • Paco Guajardo, Staff Representative

  • Brian Voris

  • Saul Whynman

  • Dixie Ashley, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Will Brien


Current Volunteers

Nancy Grimwood, Water Testing Volunteer

Paula Nunes, Donor Management

Past Long-Term Volunteers


Melissa Landman, Caminos de Agua Technical Fellow, BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, USA

Sarah Hartman, Caminos de Agua Technical Fellow, BSc Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware, USA 


Fernanda Arce, Caminos de Agua Technical Fellow, BSc Civil Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Durango, Mexico

Simona Dossi, Engineers Without Borders UK, MEng Chemical Engineering, University of Edinburgh, UK

July Gracient, College of International Agro-Development (ISTOM), France / Cranfield University, UK

Martijn Eikelboom, Caminos de Agua Technical Fellow, BSc Environmental Science, University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein, The Netherlands 



Billy Thurston, Engineers Without Borders UK, MEng Civil Engineering with Study in Continental Europe, University of Bristol, UK 

Sarah Mitchell, Engineers Without Borders UK, MEng Civil Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK 

Elena Diek, MSc Integrated Water Resources Management, Technical College Cologne, Germany 

Chantal Kronenburg, MSc Applied Communication Science, Wageningen University, The Netherlands 

Cameron Plese, MA Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University, MA, USA


Olivia Hobson, Engineers Without Borders UK


Will Mitchell, Engineers Without Borders UK


Javier Sierra, Engineers Without Borders UK