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Our mission

Caminos de Agua believes that access to safe, healthy drinking water should be a fundamental human right. This is a massive global public health challenge.

The Caminos de Agua mission is to provide open-source solutions for communities at-risk on our aquifer in Central Mexico, and leverage those solutions for others confronting similar water challenges throughout the world. We draw on years of well monitoring, community work, university collaborations, research and development.

We are a community focused, data-driven, and solution oriented NGO (non-governmental organization) based in San Miguel de Allende. We empower at-risk communities to obtain adequate supplies of safe, healthy, and sufficient drinking water. At Caminos de Agua we firmly believe that successful water solutions are based on the intersection of low-cost, proven technologies with an implementation model driven by local communities. We take an open approach in communities - typically partnering with other grassroots organizations and following the initiative of local leaders. We prioritize communities suffering from the most severe water quality and scarcity issues. Community members provide thousands of hours of volunteer labor and make all decisions regarding project location and organization based on need and participation. Our water solutions strengthen existing community processes—contributing to stronger, better-organized, and more resilient rural communities. (Local community partners include Pozo Ademado Community Services, The San Cayetano Community Center, and United Communities for Life and Water—a coalition of 21 rural communities in the most impacted region of the aquifer).