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On our aquifer, arsenic and fluoride are prevalent in community water supplies, causing dental and skeletal fluorosis, developmental disorders in children, skin problems, and even cancer. Around the globe, upwards of 300 million people are affected by arsenic and fluoride in their drinking water supplies.

Low-cost, appropriate solutions for arsenic and fluoride simply do not exist. So, we had to create one. Working in partnership with North Carolina State University and Engineers Without Borders UK, we have spent more than 15,000 hours over the last four years developing a low-cost treatment system that removes arsenic and fluoride from community water supplies.

Unlike commercial options, Caminos de Agua’s Groundwater Treatment System requires no electricity, does not waste any water, and can be designed and adapted to address a given population’s needs and levels of arsenic and fluoride. The system can be calibrated for individual homes or entire villages – producing 20 liters/day or 20,000 liters/day (and anything in between) – providing a safe and healthy water 100 times cheaper than buying water.

On this page, you will learn how our innovative arsenic and fluoride treatment systems work, the current state of development, and you can download technical reports.


Our Impact

Groundwater Treatment System by the Numbers
Our “tech team” has worked tirelessly to develop this system – investing thousands of hours of research over several years.
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Pilot Set-up
We are currently working on installing the first pilot of our Groundwater Treatment System in the field. Water is pumped from a contaminated well into an elevated storage tank for gravity distribution through the system. From there, the contaminated water passes through a series of filters to remove sediment, arsenic, fluoride and biological pathogens.
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