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2015 Summer Field School: Earth Friendly Technologies

The big hit from summer 2014, is back again this year: Analysing Earth Friendly
Technologies: Studying Context, Culture and Design
!  The Summer School explores the implementation of earth friendly technologies in international development, considering social, technical and economic issues relevant to urban, peri-urban and
rural contexts in Mexico.  Complete Brochure

Testimony and Reports from the 2014 Summer Course

“The trip went beyond my expectations as I got to not only learn about the technical side of the sustainable technologies but the human side of the implementation.”-Danielle Miller

“My experience was amazing, unexpected and surpassed anything I could’ve imagined.”-Tchinossanda Kandimba:

“The most significant change was that I learnt how simple the sustainable technologies are and how it can impact and affect peoples lives for the better. I feel that we take basic resources, such as water, electricity and gas for granted and attending this course has made me reflect.”-Aisha Butt

“The most valuable lesson I have learnt is the challenge of implementing eco-technologies in communities.”-Andrew Ging

Participant Julian Vercruysse covers the course:

Northern Illinois University Students Report Back:

Click the brochure below to learn more.  Space is limited!  If you're interested in applying, please fill out the application form below. 


Summer 2015 Program


Application Form

This course is being hosted in conjunction with EWB-UK.  To apply, please fill out the registration form located on their website.  This course is open to all.  Applicants do not have to be affiliated with EWB-UK nor attend a university in the UK to apply.