Regional Water Issues

Consuming the Future

Documentary on groundwater overexploitation and contamination in northern Guanajuato due to the agro-export industry, produced by Dr. Jaime Hooegesteger of Wageningen University, with support from Caminos de Agua and other regional actors.

Water, Justice & Sustainability in Rural Guanajuato, Mexico

Dylan Terrell, Executive Director of Caminos de Agua
TEDX San Miguel. 

The Independence Aquifer in central Mexico is in a permanent state of decline and contaminated with toxic levels of arsenic and fluoride.

Rainwater Harvesting

Community-led Rainwater Harvesting Systems 

Caminos de Agua's community-led construction and capacity training programs utilizing 12,000L ferrocement cisterns, integrated first flush systems, and Caminos de Agua's Ceramic Water Filters. 

Mobile Bicycle Pump

New mobile bicycle water pump design to be shared amongst communities. For our purposes, this will pump water from your rainwater cistern to the roof where rainwater can then fed down into the home and through the Caminos de Agua ceramic water filter for safe, healthy, and sustainable drinking water.

Cerritos Rainwater Harvesting Construction

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Harvesting Water for the Future

Engineers Without Borders - University College of London Chapter rainwater harvesting systems in the Independence Watershed region, overseen by Caminos de Agua.

Ceramic Water Filters

Caminos de Agua Ceramic Water Filter - Background 

Use & Maintenance of Caminos Ceramic water filter