Regional Water Issues

Consuming the Future

Documentary on groundwater overexploitation and contamination in northern Guanajuato due to the agro-export industry, produced by Dr. Jaime Hooegesteger of Wageningen University, with support from Caminos de Agua and other regional actors.

Water, Justice & Sustainability in Rural Guanajuato, Mexico

Dylan Terrell, Executive Director of Caminos de Agua
TEDX San Miguel. 

The Independence Aquifer in central Mexico is in a permanent state of decline and contaminated with toxic levels of arsenic and fluoride.

Rainwater Harvesting

Community-led Rainwater Harvesting Systems 

Caminos de Agua's community-led construction and capacity training programs utilizing 12,000L ferrocement cisterns, integrated first flush systems, and Caminos de Agua's Ceramic Water Filters. 

Harvesting Water for the Future

Engineers Without Borders - University College of London Chapter rainwater harvesting systems in the Independence Watershed region, overseen by Caminos de Agua.

Ceramic Water Filters

Caminos de Agua Ceramic Water Filter - Background 

Use & Maintenance of Caminos Ceramic water filter