Water Quality Monitoring Program

Since 2012, Caminos de Agua - in collaboration with groups such as Northern Illinois University, CODECIN (Coalition in Defense of the Independence Watershed), University of Guanajuato, and Texas A&M University - has been performing water quality analyses of rural community drinking wells and urban locals throughout the Independence Watershed Region.

The searchable maps below highlight the fluoride and arsenic levels throughout the region.  Both Mexican and World Health Organization (WHO) maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) for fluoride are 1.5 mg/L.  The Mexican MAC for arsenic is 25 µg/L (or 0.025 mg/L), and the WHO limit for arsenic is 10 µg/L.  

Several of the data points in San Miguel de Allende were provided by the municipal water authority (SAPASMA).  CATIS cannot guarantee their accuracy.  Further, the locations of the SAPASMA sites are estimated as exact coordinates of the wells were not provided.

If you live in San Miguel de Allende and would like to volunteer to have your water tested to help us expand our map, email us at info@catis-mexico.org for more information. Please note that due to our limited resources, we can only take one volunteer per colonia.  


Fluoride Levels in the Independence Watershed

Arsenic Levels in the Independence Watershed