Arsenic & Fluoride Set

Arsenic & Fluoride Set

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Price: MXN $750 Pesos

Processing time: 2 weeks (maximum)

Description: This set tests for the major communally occurring regional contaminants: arsenic and fluoride.  Additionally, this set includes general parameter testing (pH, and total dissolved solids). 

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    How to Collect Your Sample

    1.  Fill out and submit the form below.
    2. Get an empty PLASTIC container with at least 1-liter capacity. A normal plastic water bottle (Ciel or any brand) will do great. The container does not need to be new, but it does need to be plastic (glass or metal containers will not be accepted).
    3. Turn on the spigot and let it run for 2-5 minutes if you can.
    4. Now you need to rinse the bottle with your sample water.  Fill and empty the bottle with the sample water 3 times (shake a bit as well).
    5. Now fill up and cap the bottle with your sample water.
    6. Please write your name on the sample bottle with permanent ink.