John Perkins

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 – 1pm
"Conversation with John Perkins"
A benefit for Center for Global Justice and Caminos de Agua.

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Key Note Address at San Miguel Writers Conference

The Writers Conference and Mr. Perkins are generously offering a portion of the proceeds of this Key Note Address to benefit Caminos de Agua

"Transforming Our World: Corporate Greed Meets Indigenous Spirituality"
Friday, Feb. 12, 2016 - 11:00 – 12:30PM

For the first time in history every human being faces the same crises, including climate change, diminishing resources, and economic inequality. Because of deliberate strategies by the financial elite, motivated by gluttonous appetites for money and power, we find ourselves catapulted toward a future that appears catastrophic to some.

Yet Perkins believes this time also offers unprecedented opportunities for monumental change toward a sustainable and just economic order. Every major crisis we face today can be traced to corporate goals of maximizing profits regardless of the social and environmental costs.

By recognizing that the market place is a democratic voting booth, we the people have the power to demand new goals that are focused on generating a sustainable, just, and peaceful world.

Perkins has inhabited both the rarified ranks of the highest levels of corporate strategizing and communities of indigenous peoples where he has trained with shamans and experienced spiritual transformation.


His bestselling books have sold millions of copies in many languages around the world and spent years on the New York Times bestseller list. His appearance in San Miguel is the launch event for his latest book: The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

John Perkins’s keynote event is a benefit for the San Miguel non-profit called Caminos de Agua (formerly “CATIS”). The group is actively engaged in helping communities at risk confront environmental challenges, especially access to safe, healthy water supplies. Much of the water in rural areas is contaminated with arsenic and fluoride.  Excess fluoride in water removes all the enamel from teeth. Caminos de Agua is making a major assault on this problem in numerous rural communities.

All Keynote Speaker Sessions are bi-lingual, included in each Conference Package, and are available for Single Ticket purchase. Venue: Hotel Real de Minas Ballroom.