How to Find your GPS Coordinates


If you don't know your GPS coordinates, please follow the method described below:

  1. Ensure that you are currently situated in the location that you want to find the GPS coordinates of. If you use a VPN system * to browse the internet, then please ensure it is turned off.
  2. Visit
  3. A pop-up notification may appear somewhere on the screen **, asking if you are willing to share your location. Press "Allow". Your location should then appear on the map - please check that it is correct.
  4. A yellow bar will appear below the map with text that reads something like: "My location is: 20.123456, -100.123456". With your mouse, highlight the two numbers (e.g. "20.123456, -100.123456"), right-click, and select "Copy".
    N.B. This is NOT the small green box that appears on the map with the text: "My Coordinates: 20.12345 -100.12345".
  5. Return to the page where you need to enter the coordinates, e.g. our online form, right-click in the location where you want to paste the data (after ensuring that any previously-entered data has been erased), and click "Paste".

* VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and is a system used by some internet users for extra privacy. However, VPN systems can make your computer give an incorrect GPS position when using geo-location tools such as the one used in this method. If you don't know what a VPN is, then you probably aren't using one, and can ignore this.

** The location of this pop-up notification will depend on which internet browser you are using. For Chrome and Firefox, it appears at the top-left; for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, it appears at the bottom-middle; and for Safari and Opera, it appears at the top-middle. Please watch the video for more information.