Hands on application of theory combined with heart

CATIS-Mexico's educational programs share a common philosophy and goal:
Create learning experiences in which participants learn by doing and at the same time,  build the new CATIS-Mexico Institute.

CATIS-Mexico creates dynamic workshops & courses that use a range of learning styles: from auditory to visual, from theory to practice, from games to lecture, and on and on. Most importantly, practical application is woven through out the workshops. That means that you will likely get your hands dirty working side by side with people of all sorts of backgrounds, ages and experiences.

Every year, CATIS-Mexico hosts open workshops as well as tailors workshops for private groups.  We hope that you will join us! Check out our scheduled workshops on the website or fill out the format below requesting information about a private workshop, internship or other type of learning experience.

What people are saying about our courses

The trip went beyond my expectations as I got to not only learn about the technical side of the sustainable technologies but the human side of the implementation.
— Danielle Miller
“My experience was amazing, unexpected and surpassed anything I could’ve imagined.”
— Tchinossanda Kandimba
“The most significant change was that I learnt how simple the sustainable technologies are and how it can impact and affect peoples lives for the better. I feel that we take basic resources, such as water, electricity and gas for granted and attending this course has made me reflect.”
— Aisha Butt
“The most valuable lesson I have learnt is the challenge of implementing eco-technologies in communities.”
— Andrew Ging

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