Summer school students from a Caminos de Agua course visit the Via Organica Ranch. 

Summer school students from a Caminos de Agua course visit the Via Organica Ranch. 

Via Organica Ecological Ranch

Accommodation will be offered the at the beautiful Via Organica Ecological Ranch located in the Jalpa Valley, just 15 minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende city center. The Ecological ranch is peacefully set amongst the Picacho Mountain range. Guests will stay in shared rooms in the ranch’s comfortable, craftsman adobe cabins. The landscape of the ranch provides a peaceful retreat in contact with nature while providing guests with all natural and sustainable amenities. The ranch’s sustainable design includes adobe buildings, solar power, rainwater catchment, dry toilets, grey water systems and composting. To learn more please visit our website


Preparing for your stay at the VO Ranch

The Via Organica Eco-Ranch is similar to a campground setting. The cabins are very comfortable and include beds, sheets, blankets, towels and a small sink. Cabins are shared and sleep 3-5 adults in each cabin. We will have designated male and female cabins.  All bathrooms and showers are separate from cabins so you will have a short walk from your cabin to the bathroom or shower.

We ask all guests to come prepared for a fair amount of walking during your stay at the ranch. Walking trails connect cabin and meal areas throughout the ranch. In some cases you may have a ten-minute walk between certain areas, including some uphill trails. We want to make sure you aware of the layout of the ranch so that you come prepared for walking and also bring appropriate shoes and clothes.


Sustainable Showers and Bathrooms

The Ranch uses solar hot water heaters and solar electricity, therefore we ask guests to be conservative with water and electricity use. Please bring only biodegradable soaps and shampoos. Small electronics (cell phone and camera batteries for example) can be charged during daylight hours. We ask guests not to charge electronics at night and not to bring large electrical appliances (no hairdryers please). The Ranch includes very user friendly and clean composting dry toilets.



Internet will be available from several areas at the Ranch. We generally have consistent internet connection, however there are a few times of day when internet signal less reliable. There is no cell phone reception at the Ranch.


Recommended check list:

  •     Comfortable walking shoes
  •     Biodegradable soaps and shampoos
  •     Water bottle
  •     Hat for sun protection
  •     Lightweight long sleeve shirts to protect you from the sun
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Flashlight for use around the ranch
  •     Long pants and closed toed shoes for the horsehide
  •     Swimming suit for our trip to the hot springs
  •     Organic bug repellant
  •     Organic sunscreen
  •     Sandals to use in shared showers
  •     Binoculars for bird watching at the ranch